Eyelash Curler

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Level up your lashes with Eyelash Curler!

Eyelash Curler provides colossal curls in a new and convenient way. Eyelash Curler can increase volume up to 50% and can be combined with mascara and false lashes to make those eyes POP like never before!

This sleek eyelash innovation is specially designed to keep those lovely lashes safe, featuring a protective outer layer and a progressive 3-level temperature control. Make those lashes reach new heights with the safest way out there!

Looking for a more casual look? Or getting ready for a night out with the girls? Eyelash Curler can do it all!

For a casual look, put down the clumpy mascara and try our 3-step daily lash routine. Eyelash Curler is the mascara that never runs out!

For a sexy look, combine Eyelash Curler with any mascara & false lashes and watch those beautiful eyes pop!

Why Eyelash Curler?

  • No flakes.
  • Easy long lasting lashes.
  • Drama Free - No more pinching your skin with traditional curlers.
  • No more breaking or damaging your lashes.
  • Uses effective heat temperatures to mold eyelash hairs in a way that is impossible with any other tool.
  • Take it anywhere & give your lashes a fresh curl in seconds.

2-in-1 Use:

Are your eyebrows on fleek? Eyelash Curler doubles as the perfect heated eyebrow comb and establishes a precise & uniform look for your brows.

Many women have an uneven eyebrow growth line & have some sections of their eyebrow grow upward, while the rest grows left/right. Eyelash Curler fixes this by using progressive heat technology to direct all eyebrow hair in one single direction.

Ridges based on the outer-side of the device combs the eyebrow into perfection.

3-Step Lash Routine:

Follow Eyelash Curler 3-Step Lash Routine for best results. Using mascara and/or false lashes with our 3-step routine will dramatically increase the effectiveness of Eyelash Curler & result in a more glamorous look. Although, if you're going for a more natural look our team recommends using Eyelash Curler without any additions.



  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Avg. use time: 40 Minutes
  • Temperature: 110F - 160F

Kit Includes:

  • 1X Eyelash Curler Heated Eyelash Curler
  • 1X Charging Cable
  • 1X Manual
  • 1X Box



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