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So, with every bedroom idea begins a google image search or a window display in a big high street store. Obviously everyone has an idea of what bedroom furniture and bedframe they want, colour scheme, lay out etc but successfully achieving the look can be pretty hard considering we don't all have three designers to hand helping out and a bank account with unlimited money.

Either way no matter what ideas you have, everyone is aiming for the same outcome. A place that is relaxing and your own little haven you can relax in. Away from the outside world, a little sanctuary where all your worries get left outside your bedroom door. A place to call your own no matter what your age. If you're young and you've just had a bad day at school or you're a parent and you need to get away from the noise of your kids watching television or arguing just for 5 minutes. Whatever the situation a comfy bed is just what the doctor ordered.

I know myself I used my bedroom as a hideaway to get from under my mums feet while she was cleaning or to avoid putting the food away after a big weekly shop, To be fair though I loved my bedroom when I was younger, My mum built me a floating bed (Well that's how I thought of it). It was AMAZING! I always wanted everyone to know how amazing my bed was. It was built between three walls and underneath was a cute little den, A big curtain to hide behind if I had a rubbish day or I just wanted to read on my own.

I felt like royalty because it was surrounded by fairy lights. Even to this day I still think of that as the best bed I've ever had. Probably because my mum made loads of effort and all my friends had never seen a bed like it. These days though, Children have such a variety of choice when it comes to bedroom furniture and designs. You can get bunk beds with princess castles on, Race car shaped beds, Metal beds covered in beautiful vintage designs to name a few. Children aren't children for long these days though so you should definitely grab every opportunity to keep them young!

As an adult though, I think we put less thought into our bedroom decor just because life is expensive and it is usually the last thing you think of after sorting every other room out in the house. No matter what you do with it though, you should invest good money in a decent bed and mattress because you do spend at least 1/3 of your life in it. Which, if you lived until you were 75, you would actually send 25 years of your life sleep. (This is if you have 8 hours sleep a night of course). As the saying goes:

In life you need both a good mattress or a good pair of shoes because if you're not in one, you're in the other.

People take a good sleep for granted, The way I'd like to think of it is, you're willing to spend £50 on a nice dress you'll probably only wear a handful of times yet, a mattress will last you years which, if you think you spend about £800 on a decent mattress. That's literally like £80 a year... Pretty good going really! I know my mum used to avoid doing anything for herself when we were younger including decorating her bedroom, She has only recently done it up and I've been moved out for a few years now. It is beautiful now though!!

Fashion changes so quickly though, It's only been a few years since fabric beds have come into play and they are one of the most popular type of beds you can get. I am a big fan though! You can get so many different ones, ones with storage, different fabrics and colours. It's great! Especially if you want something a bit more unique and quirky.

All you need to remember though, Just express yourself! Like I've said, your bedroom is for you and you only. Enjoy making it your own and creating your perfect place to relax.

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